Designing at Scale in an Evolving World

Design has an intricate lineage. From iconic arts, architecture, and product design to the burgeoning landscape of machine learning, UX, and design systems, design’s identity twists and grows through time with a shared DNA to create. Design means many things to many people, but in the end it’s always ‘form follows function’ – beauty in its usability.

That impulse to gracefully solve problems has only gotten more complex. The world’s portfolio keeps proliferating, with an expected four devices for every human on Earth and more than 5 million apps available by 2020. The digital trends keep moving upward with no sign of slowing. In this new reality, it has become the designer’s responsibility to navigate the tricky space between expediency and craft.

Enter the modern design tool. In the past few years, rapid  prototyping tools like Adobe XDhave helped large design teams share libraries, wireframes, working prototypes, and creative ideas. This isn’t just a boon for collaboration – it makes a huge impact on the business too. We’re able to design value in real time, quickly presenting work to partners that scales across vast product categories and customer needs. Design’s creative energy is merging with automation, an opportunity to experiment at scale.

By Albert Shum, CVP of Design at Microsoft